New Android malware is practically impossible to remove. It is better to buy a new phone

Androidových owners of property have another reason to download third party applications instead of only software from Google Play. Security firm Lookout has recently pointed out that last year collected more than 20,000 samples of infected applications advert malvérových of three families: Shuanet, Kemoge (or even ShiftyBug) and Shedun (GhostPush). The codes of some variants of the following families of malware are 71-82% identical, confirming the family ties among the three groups.

Once installed - usually from some third-party apps - malware gained root access and headed to favorite applications like Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and so on. And gain access to system services.

"Unlike older types of advert which were obvious and uncomfortable, so aroused the users to uninstall them, a new type of advert idly lurking in the background," expressed the Lookout's researchers. However, given that it has root access, it also has great potential. It may continue to spread and threaten the privacy of the user.

While the victims may not be able to uninstall malware, restore factory settings does not remove it, so the easiest solution is to purchase new equipment. The second option is to seek professional help. Malware, they argue, perhaps gave eliminate flashing ROM, but that a normal user can not handle.

Experts recommend downloading android apps from Google Play, which is by default enabled authentication applications (Apps Verify). It warns against installing the application, which can be potentially harmful.