Since February has only IBAN bank account numbers. What will change in Internet banking

In late January ending the transitional period of implementing the SEPA initiative, a European initiative a single payment within the EU and other European countries, and an international format IBAN.

The most obvious change for the citizens will be required to transition to long IBAN account numbers.

What is IBAN

Slovakia is far bank accounts for the purposes of domestic payments in addition to the bank where the account is identified by a relatively short 10-character number BBAN Bank, Basic Bank Account Number, or in some cases, in addition to the 6-digit area code.

With the introduction of the single European payments is passed to the new international format IBAN, International Bank Account Number.

Its length depends on the country and the length of the existing label accounts in different countries, Slovakia has a length of 24 characters.

Example of IBAN account number, click to enlarge (Image: NBS)

The first two characters form the country code for Slovakia SK. The next two digits are control, is calculated from the rest of IBAN and allow you to verify that the numbers did not come transcription error.

Followed by 4 digit bank code, 6-digit area code and 10-digit account prior account number.

Visually IBAN numbers sometimes tend to greater clarity to split into groups of four characters.

Changes in Internet Banking and applications

Banks internally to SEPA and IBAN passed since 1 February 2014, compulsory since all cross-border payments to countries participating in the SEPA initiative, but also all domestic interbank transfers SEPA implemented using IBAN account numbers.

Changes from 1 February 2016 are mainly related to communication and use of the services of banks by end-users who have yet to enter account numbers in payments still in BBAN. That changes when banks have to start mandatory only accept commands identifying accounts using IBAN.

For questions about the changes we approached Slovak savings bank, VUB, Tatra banka, ČSOB, mBank and Zuno. All in accordance with the new rules must be from the client to get an account number to make the payment already in the IBAN format, some but announcing ongoing support to facilitate its entry in the online banking with knowledge of the prior account number and the number of announcing further technology facilitating process payments automatically loading the IBAN account number.


Specifically for payments Tatra banka you enter account in the prior BBAN, with Internet banking be converted into IBAN account and the client will confirm the payment with IBAN account already. Zuno when entering the payments include a reference to IBAN calculator that will implement the conversion. At the same time, of course, several banks offer a conversion calculator on their site, which can be used and calculator NBS . Slovak Savings Bank will present the IBAN number allocated to the quartet of numbers and highlight it in the account number.

Several banks also announcing support for other technologies allowing for easier execution of payments, especially with the mobile app. Slovak Savings Bank refers to IBAN scanner, scan QR and barcodes on bills in their mobile applications as well as support for mobile payments. Similarly VUB expected increased use of IBAN scanner, QR and barcodes and applications Viami, with payment via mobile Viami enables a number of the internet banking. ČSOB points to IBAN scanner in the mobile app, the reader mBank QR codes.

Standing orders

Since the banks are already working internally with IBAN account numbers, at the existing standing orders already probably have a number of accounts at least internally converted into IBAN.

In any case, none of the surveyed banks do not notify the need to modify standing orders and lists of partners, for example, or clients, any necessary conversion has already taken place or will take place.

Statements and notifications

On IBAN accounts will need to get used even in statements respectively directories of electronic payments, VUB, CSOB, Zuno, mBank them announcing from February 1, only the use of IBAN. Tatra bank uses IBAN and BBAN present in the paper do not notify a change in the electronic future will be supported by IBAN.

Similarly, the notification mails and SMS majority of banks, Slovak savings bank, VUB, CSOB and mBank Zuno either already using or will use only the IBAN format. Tatra banka currently, for example, the SMS provides on domestic payments still present the classic account BBAN and the opinion of the format from February 1 will not change.

How to calculate IBAN check digits

Converted to the needs of individual account numbers it is of course appropriate to use one of the existing conversion calculators, such as the NBS .

Example of IBAN account number, click to enlarge (Image: NBS)

For general information and, if necessary mass accuracy verification check digits or generation, especially for programmers to provide a process of calculating the check digit.

Calculation consists of the following steps:

  1. Create an IBAN account number of classical BBAN account number according to the rules in the description IBAN format and the control point numbers put two zeros. For the example above account 289-1987426353 / 0720 Come on DE00 0720 0002 8919 8742 6353, for clarity putting it divided the quartet of characters
  2. The first four characters move at the end of the chain, in the example so you get 0720 0002 8919 8742 6353 DE00
  3. Country code to convert numbers by converting two letters, where A is changed to 10 or more letters in alphabetical order on the following numbers. For thus changing to 35 and, for example, with the 28 and the K to 20. In the example, you get 0720 0002 8919 8742 6353 282000
  4. Find residue number obtained at point 3 on division by 97, in this case 30
  5. Read the rest of the number 98 and get those final check digits. If the result is less than ten, add a zero before the number. In that case, you'll receive check digits 68