Microsoft announced the availability of the latest version of the database system SQL Server 2016

The latest version of SQL Server 2016 stands out among others in providing extreme performance, speed data processing, security, and tools for advanced data analysis revolutionary integrated directly in the database environment. With its integrated technology to retain data in memory and advanced analytics provides SQL Server 2016 features ensuring maximum performance of key business applications. Extensive security features of SQL Server, such as new technology Always Encrypted help protect your data environment and outside the organization. There are also new security enhancements high availability and disaster recovery solution built on technology AlwaysOn.

Through the new features you can get detailed information about all stored data and perform analysis directly in the SQL database. In addition, integrated mobile possibilities for business intelligence (BI) ensures rich, visually interpreted information to users on any device. Users thus gain access to enterprise information, regardless of whether they are in the office or on the go, online or offline.

The new version of SQL Server 2016 brings the benefits of cloud hyperškálovatelného with new technology Stretch Database, which allows you to dynamically expand space for active (warm) and inactive (cold) data by storing it in a safe environment Microsoft Azure. In addition to the SQL Server 2016 provides a complete database platform for hybrid cloud, which makes it easy to assemble, deploy and manage solutions in the local environment in the cloud.

The fastest way to try new ways of SQL Server 2016 is creating a test environment in the cloud, Microsoft Azure or installing a free developer edition.

Autor: TS Microsoft