Microsoft will mirror the image from your smartphone on your computer

Microsoft at its Build developer conference unveiled a new application for Windows 10 called Your Phone. It is similar to the application Continuity by Apple that allows you to respond to messages and calls from iPhone to MacBook. The role of the new application is the mirror image of your phone on a desktop computer. Thus, the user will have access to texts, photos and notification on your PC.

Features of iOS and Android will be different. The aim of this kind of applications can improve productivity because users can respond to text messages on the desktop. It also facilitates the sharing of content between devices, as users will be able to " quickly move images from your phone to the PC document flick without having to pull your phone out of your pocket, " the blog post Microsoft . The similar concept was tried early and Dell, was a display of calls and notifications on your computer. Microsoft applications will initially offer access to SMS, photos, and warnings.

The company will begin testing applications Your Phone within Windows Insider and its functions will be fine-tuned based on feedback from testers.

In the same blog post, Microsoft announced an updated Microsoft Application Launcher for Android. Will support timeline, Windows 10, and business users " will facilitate access to business applications via Microsoft Intune. "So far, however, no one knows when the updated Microsoft Launcher Dock.

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