Microsoft Office 365 reduces restrictions for domestic subscribers

Microsoft increases the number of devices that can be used within the subscription Office 365 households. The company announced in its blog post . Currently, subscribers Personal version limited to a PC or Mac and one tablet, while Home version is that altogether 10 devices for 5 users. After the new subscribers will be able to be Office 365 Home login simultaneously 5 devices.

Within the subscription of Office 365 Home company provides six licenses instead of the previous five. This means that the family (or group of friends) can share a bill for $ 99 a year, each gets access to all Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote) and there will be 1 TB of space for cloud storage OneDrive for six users. It's more beneficial than pay $ 69.99 per year for an individual account Office 365 Personal.

Other advantages as a premium feature in selected applications from Microsoft and 60 minutes of calls via Skype to landlines and mobile phones remain unchanged.



All of these changes will take effect from October 2 and the existing Office 365 subscribers will not have to do anything, everything is done automatically. Microsoft currently has 31.4 million users, Office 365 and the aforementioned changes are likely to increase these numbers.