Remote management

Remote management software is designed to manage a remote computer over the Internet. Remote management allows support personnel to work directly on the desktop of the remote computer and allows the client to transfer files between the two computers.

Remote management is a very effective tool in providing technical support to customers, especially in the case of more serious problems. Support engineers IT Crab it may, after assessing the complexity and only with your consent to use and connect to your computer to remove the problem.

To support engineer can connect to your computer, it is necessary that you have downloaded and run the client part of the program. After starting tell the employee ID number listed in the dialog program (Fig. 1). Subsequently, the support engineer connects to your computer and fix details needed to identify and correct the problem.

After completion of operations, the support engineer is disconnected from your computer. A dialog box appears with the following message remote management session is completed (Fig. 2), indicating completion of the connection.