Inventory of hardware and software

Get a quick overview of your company and IT assets. Simple, quick and anytime.

Automatic inventory

Our company is deploying a comprehensive tool for customers to automate inventory and management of hardware and software. The software can monitor all local network devices as well as computers and devices moving outside the local network. It enables the customer and us to easily manage and categorize their hardware and software in real time..

The system can be additionally modified according to customer requirements and can run as a partner service in our cloud.

There is no cost for the customer to implement the software and our company provides this service as part of the basic service package for our customers.

The basic part of the system is simple and user-friendly reporting. The software is ITIL compliant and accepted for any ISO certification.

Inventory Software Features:

  • Automatic collection of information about computers and devices, the individual hardware components (memory, processor, hard disk…), and individual serial numbers of models and their capacities
  • Automatic collection of information about all peripherals connected to the computer (monitors, USB devices…), their serial numbers and type designations
  • Assignment of warranty information, warnings about the end of warranty
  • Possibility to add own economic and other data to the equipment
  • Assignment of acceptance protocols or other documents (invoices, delivery notes, documents for HR)
  • Automatically assigns devices to individual users when connected to Active Directory
  • Collection of information about installed software, including license keys
  • Tracking the number of licenses purchased / used